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At least 369 people dead, including 21 children with the collapse of the Enrique Rabsamen School, after a magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck central Mexico on Tuesday, Sept. 19. This earthquake came on the heels of another magnitude-8.1 quake Sept. 7, and on the 32nd anniversary of the 1985 Mexico earthquake that killed thousands.

In the town of Santa Mónica, Ocuilan, the primary school “Lic. Benito Juárez”, which used to serve 448 children, has partially collapsed, leaving the community today without a school. Since the 19th September earthquake, children have not been attending classes at all, with many of them being forced to end their education and look for work to support their families instead.

With the help of the community in Santa Monica, Ocuillan, we aim to build temporary classrooms in the next few months in order to encourage children to continue their education in a safe environment, and until the government repairs their school. Once the school is repaired, these temporary classrooms will remain in the town, functioning as a Community Center for the children and with the possibility of offering afternoon classes and extra-curricular activities.

For this project, we have chosen to partner with the Ameyalli Comunidad Educativa which operates exclusively in the State of Mexico, and will be focused entirely on the construction of these spaces.

Sagapo Children’s Foundation supports children all over the world in the enrichment and protection of their education. We believe that following these dramatic earthquakes it is our obligation to provide a safe environment for the children of Santa Monica, Ocuillan to continue their education.Education is a fundamental right necessary for the development of each person and society.

Your donation and support is of paramount importance to these children.

Thank you so much for supporting our cause!

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Happy children at our Sagapo Junior School in Gambola Wela ( Sri Lanka ) celebrating the end of the renovation works organized and provided by Sagapo Children’s Foundation and at the same time welcoming our charity partners from Travelink – AVD France offering more that 500 Kgr of school supplies to the children. What a great celebration for all the children and their parents ! A fully restored school and lot’s of school supplies for a new start!

A Mega Thank you also to MIMN for their donation for the restoration of the school.

Sagapo Children’s Foundation is a humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential through education. Sagapo commits in creating awareness to transform lives and restore hope.

Sixty-seven million primary school-age children around the world are not enrolled in school. For the last 3 years our team of volunteer runners has been joining the Limassol Marathon fund raising for our cause. Join us and run for SAGAPO and contribute to the “Free Hands” program in Limassol educating children and creating the environment for them to grow and thrive.

Get involved:

  • You can register by calling 25324800 – 96376256
  • Registration fee € 20.00 per person including, marathon time and number, Sagapo T-shirt, diploma and your donation
  • Become a SAGAPO Ambassador by raising additional funds through sponsorships for you to run from your friends and family


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There are many joys to running a marathon, but the biggest joy is giving something back while doing it.


We’ve made it! 5km!

Christmas is the spirit of giving without a thought of getting. It is happiness because we see joy in people. It is forgetting self and finding time for others. It is discarding the meaningless and stressing the true values.

The children attending the “Free Hands” program in Limassol supported by “SAGAPO” Children’s Foundation, are feeling the Christmas spirit and have decorated the Christmas tree. Christmas is not as much about opening our presents as it is about opening our hearts.

“Pianist Without Borders” and its founder Fabio Tedde, a talented composer and musician, are touring Uganda since mid November visiting remote villages and unprivileged children’s schools, playing the piano and sharing music all over the country. Most of these children have never seen a real piano before in their lives!

We have met Fabio some years back and we were amazed with his immense love for children and his dream to travel with his piano to Mother Africa and spread the music everywhere. SAGAPO Children’s Foundation is supporting Fabio for his cause as well as all the children in Uganda who listen to his music and attend his concerts. “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent” – Victor Hugo.

A photo exhibition with the theme “Mothers and Children in the world” comprising of 30 color and black and white photos, reflecting the universal tenderness and love relationship between the mother and the child worldwide was showcased from the 15th to the 28th of November at the Municipality Hall of the 5th arrondissement in Paris.

All photos were printed with the innovative method of “subligraphie”and the proceeds from the sales will go for the reconstruction of a school in Sri-Lanka.

The event was organized in collaboration with the Municipality of the 5th arrondissement in Paris and was under the Presidency of the Mayor Mrs Florence Berthout.

The opening speeches were made by the famous Academic and Historian Professor Alain Blondy and his Excellency the Ambassador of Cyprus in France Mr P. Eliades as well as by Mrs Corinne Cabadou responsible for family matters and children in the Municipality Council.

Located in the heart of the Honduras jungle in central America, the Jungle School provides education to more than 200 children aged 5 to 18 years old. All students come from extremely poor and underprivileged families who live in the rural areas and slums of La Ceiba in a proximity of 17 kms away from the school.

The only bus connecting the surrounding areas to the school has a limited capacity of 30 seats despite the fact that more than 60 children need a ride to the school every day. Children who do not live close to the main road from where the bus passes, often go to school walking or hitchhiking which is very dangerous as the level of kidnapping, crime, and violence in Honduras remains critically high.

Seven teachers in total, teach 200 children in nine classes which makes teaching quite challenging for all. In addition to these difficult conditions the school is missing proper equipment and facilities to provide optimal schooling to the children who are obliged to share worn furniture, installations, books and other material.

Sagapo Children’s Foundation is now joining forces with the association Nuevo Destino to make a difference. The mission in hand is to raise funds to assist in providing needed school supplies and school bags for the new year to all 200 children of the Jungle School.

Thank you for your donations and for supporting our cause to raise funds and change the lives of these underprivileged children.

Sagapo helps create world change through education. Education is a fundamental right necessary for the development of each person and our society as a whole.

Mission Accomplished!

For every appointment made at Imex America booth, Euromic will make a donation to Sagapo Children’s Foundation. This is the third consecutive year that Euromic, the worldwide events and destination management partnership is fund raising for Sagapo at Las Vegas during the Imex America International Exhibition of the Meetings Industry.

This year the focus will be on the children of the Junior School in Gampola Wela in Sri-Lanka. Thank you Euromic for your generosity and support!

The “Arbre aux Thes” at L’isle sur la Sorge in France, is organizing a series of events during the whole month of May fund raising for Sagapo Children’s Foundation. Amelia and Eric the owners of the venue have inaugurated on the 30th of April the photo exhibition of Christina with a collection of photos featuring mothers and children from around the world.

Other events will include gospel singing, creative writing and conferencing. A Mega Thank you to the organizers and to all the photography funs who have visited the exhibition and supported our cause.




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