Nurturing Young Minds for Over a Decade!

Nurturing Young Minds for Over a Decade!

“Empowering through Education!” Education isn’t merely a privilege—it’s the cornerstone of freedom and opportunity for every child. At the heart of the “Sagapo Children’s Foundation”, we staunchly uphold this belief. For more than a decade, we have been dedicated to the noble cause of making quality education accessible to every child, irrespective of their circumstances. […]

16th June 23

Sagapo Children’s Foundation is supporting the newly created School of Fine Arts at TEPAK ( Cyprus University of Technology ) in Limassol, by offering an award of Euros 1000 to the best graduate student of the year. Art acts as a collective memory of society. Through expressive outlets such as paintings, sculptures, music, literature, and […]

11th December 2022

Christmas is the time of giving and sharing. It is the time of loving and showing our care and affection to each other. We are immensely grateful for Vedanta Yoga Centre initiative, to offer a FREE yoga class for Sagapo Children’s Foundation this year! Join us on the 11th of December at the Vedanta Yoga […]

3rd December 2021

Beautifully hand designed Christmas ornaments have been created by graphic designer Georgia Kyprianou in order to raise funds for our foundation. The unique wooden ornaments which feature the word ‘love’ were showcased and available to buy at the Traditional Christmas Market in Dhekelia on the 3rd and 4th of December 2021. A lovely evening well […]

25th June 2020

Songs with intense theatricality accompanied by piano were performed by the well-known singer, actress and writer Salina Gavala in a live streaming concert given on the 25th of June 2020 in Athens, in her efforts to support Sagapo Children’s Foundation to raise funds for the educational needs of the underprivileged children of the world. The […]

11th of March 2020

Incyte Biosciences International Sàrl recently supported the Sagapo Children’s Foundation and our Free Hands program in Limassol. During their annual Conference, which was held in Cyprus this January, 180 delegates participated in a team-building activity to assemble desks, bicycles, and bookshelves for the 25 underprivileged children that participate every afternoon in our program. By taking […]

26th of January 2020

We are extremely grateful for the invitation from the journalist Mrs Evelyne Fresinsky to present Sagapo Children Foundation to the Greek Community in Paris and in the World, through the radio broadcast “Elliniki Stigmi” on Sunday the 26th of January 2020.

15th December 2019

15th December 2019

Delicious hand-finished luxury chocolate sculptures, space balls, trees, and bears as well as other geometrical shapes, were created with love from the famous Cypriot Pastry Chef Chris Tofarides, in order to raise funds for our cause and particularly the “Free Hands” program for underprivileged children, that we are supporting in Limassol. All the ingredients used […]

10th April 2019

Bam Collective artists have joined forces with Sagapo and organise three consecutive painting and drawing workshops for the underprivileged children ( 8-11 years old ) of the 19th arrondissement in Paris during the month of April . Nils, Arthur, Philippe, Simone and Christina offered their skills and love to the children who attend afternoon classes […]

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