The children of the junior school in Gampola Wela, a village situated around 30 Km away from Kandy,on the highlands of Srilanka, sit on a dirt floor with old and often broken chairs and desks and nowhere to store their books and pencils. Their school is a shed without windows and without separate classrooms.

All children study in the same space divided in small groups. Two teachers teach 40 children from 11 different classes in the same space simultaneously. The roof of the shed is in very bad condition and it gets worse during the monsoon season. It will cost just € 7,000 to restore the roof, paint the dirty walls, place partitions and buy new desks and chairs for the children.

Thank you for supporting our cause to raise funds and change the lives of these underprivileged children. Thank you for your donations.

Sagapo helps creating world change through education ! Education is a fundamental right necessary for the development of each person and society.

Work in progress!

Celebrations after the completion of the works at the school!

Thank you letter from the school Principal

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